Bike pavilion Purmerend
Aim is to provoke a quality boost in the station area by adding an iconographic object. A sculptural pavillion that, can be experienced in several ways, revealing a different view from each side. In order to achieve this, we insert a vertical accent in the predominantly horizontal existing surroudings. The verticality is emphasized by running the pavillion's roof from the relative lower toilets upwards to the workshop space. In this way a height accent is originated in an economic way.

The pavillion provides facilities for a workshop to repair bikes during the day. After closing time, the same room can be used to store the rental bikes that stay outside during the day – thanks to the extra height, two bikes can be placed above each other in racks. There is also place for a small kitchen and a small office.To prevent a claustrophobic atmosphere, a single open space accomodates all these funtions, which are then spatially divided in a subtle manner. Besides the bike section, two public toilets are provided, one of which is suitable for people with disabilities.

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