De Slang / Geuzenveld Amsterdam
competition 2003
This re-development of the postwar garden city Geuzenveld is generated by the public space. In the first phase existing trees are linked by a pedestrian connection resulting in a snaking promenade. This promenade links the new site to its surroundings and determines both the geometry of the new buildings and the public space in the next phases. The twelve meter wide snake meanders through the dwelling mass and cuts out three storey high building blocks. These blocks are again divided by eight meter wide streets into two storey high blocks containing four different types of individual plots. Each type is based on a 3.6 by 3.9 meter grid. The housing blocks have a uniform formal black concrete facade that gives a strong expression to the snake. The two storey blocks inside are more informal and express the individual plots.

234 housing units

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Rijswijkstraat 141A
1062 ES Amsterdam
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