River Deck Nihonbashi,
Tokyo competition 2004 
Our proposal is making the river again the center of Nihonbashi by using the MEW opportunistically as a carrier for a new intervention. Introducing a pedestrian layer connecting the neighborhood to the river using a programmatic intensification with strategically positioned anchor programs. The River Deck intensifies the experience of the river, the adjacent areas and the metropolitan expressway.Specific core programs, so called Anchors, are placed at strategic positions stimulating movement towards and along the river. On the Deck flexible programmatic space, Blocks can be used as shops, galleries, offices and houses. Openings in the Deck, Voids, frame different views of the river. Stairs and ramps provide shortcuts across the river. The new superstructure incorporates parking and provides a transition from the car to the pedestrian world to make the elastic city accessible to all.
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