wooden core #5 / Openbaar Ministerie Groningen
realisation 2008
The challenge of this project was to design the office for the Public Prosecution Service in an existing standard office building that was not specifically designed for this use with its high security and representative demands.

The realized design focuses on a continuous open collective zone that counterbalances the desired enclosed private office spaces. The collective zone is differentiated by its use of wood and abstract white walls and floors. Out of the massive wooden zone small pocket size spaces are carved out and used for copying, sitting, meeting and relaxing. The existing system ceiling has got an economic ‘face-lift’ by integrating new custom made light fixtures. To improve orientation subtle color differences between the floors are made.

client : Rijksgebouwdienst (Government Buildings Agency)

total area : ca. 6.000m2

Rijswijkstraat 141A
1062 ES Amsterdam
t: 020.337.7613
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