panorama Zuid-as/mobile watchtower, Amsterdam
preliminary design 2002
The Zuid-as is the largest construction site in Amsterdam with over one million m2 of office and 9000 housing units. To be able to experience the on going work we were asked to design a movable watchtower over looking the moving building sites. The stair case is inspired by Leonardo Davinci’s staircase for Chambord castle. A double intertwining spiral around a hollow core. One spiral goes up and one goes down. As a result the people moving up and down can see each other but don’t meet. Based on this idea we proposed a tower with two fundamentally different experiences. One facing inside when you go up and one facing outside when you go down. This way tension is built up towards the wide panorama at the top. From the two levels of balconies facing in different directions integrated signs provide information on the visible projects.

client: Dienst Ruimtelijke Ordening Amsterdam

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