Temporary Amsterdam
info 2010


The development of public space in Amsterdam is stuck. Due crisis, conservation sigh, regulations, increasing large-scale urbancontrole, commercialisation of the public space, fear and unsecurity it becomes more difficult for citizins to appropiate their city. There is a need for interventions to undo this process.

Temporary Amsterdam will show solutions for this reapproation of public space which actually already exits within the conditions of the city. The city of Amsterdam has a long tradition with temporary urbanism: interventions which are more fast, light, cheap and sustainable than conventional methods.

Temporary Amsterdam is the city of Amsterdam on the level of another velocity, another impact and on another budget.

Temporary Amsterdam is an effective answer on the global economic crisis and the tendency of conservation.

Temporary Amsterdam is the collaboration of architect Tom Bergevoet with architect Maarten van Tuijl. Earlier they already coorporated to create a design of the Olympic Games stadium in Amsterdam and wrote the plead for improvisation about the benefits of temporary use of space. Their research is supported by the Stimuleringsfonds and Fonds BKVB.

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