Tea pavillion Landgoed Schovenhorst, Putten
realisation 2008
This visitor centre is situated in a former tree nursery. This is the only open space in the forest, with sufficient distance to observe the surrounding trees in elevation. Inside the nursery small trees are experienced as objects rather than as elevations. The experience of this garden, light and the change of seasons is enhanced in our design. The visitor centre contains a restaurant and a shop for which a new pavilion was designed. The required group reception is placed in an existing black wooden shed. This shed is connected by a former greenhouse wall to a smaller wooden barn. The new pavilion adds one more fragment to this series finalizing the enclosure of the garden. The fact that the building is part of the wall is expressed by cutting the new black stained western red cedar garden wall into the fiber cement volume of the building.

client : Stichting Landgoed

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