wooden core #4 / renovation private house, Amsterdam
realisation 2008
This project is a contemporary re-interpretation of the typical 19th century ‘en-suite’ closet with the consequent enfilade of spaces.

The assignment was to turn two storage rooms into bedrooms and connect them to the lower apartment using an internal stair. The existing en-suite divides the living room in two spatially disconnected parts. By incorporating the new stair and closets into an updated en-suite a loft type space is created making the double height of the new apartment visible. A large window at the top of the stair brings light to the middle of the house. The en-suite is made out of sustainable bamboo. To open up the space the stair had to be transparent. Because of that we opted for a hanging structure.

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Rijswijkstraat 141A
1062 ES Amsterdam
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