wooden core #3 / TWV media, Amsterdam
realisation 2007
We were asked to design a new office inside a former drafing class room containing five working places, a meeting room, a kitchen and an editing room. TWV Media is a creative consultant specilaized in av-presentations, exhibition concepts and educational projects. One of the workplaces had to be enclosed. By putting the closed wooden core, containing one workplace, at the position of the two narrow steel windows, thus keeping the existing wider windows in the open space. A new logic is found for the industrial space with its characteristic thin steel windows. The wooden box contains all necessary storage keeping the open space as empty as possible. The box is turned into a wooden sculpture by partly exposing shelves, by recessing black panels such as the display corner and the sliding doors and by making glass cuts into the volume. The resulting play of shadows and light creates an ever changing experience of the wooden volume.
Rijswijkstraat 141A
1062 ES Amsterdam
t: 020.337.7613
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