Wolthuissingel bridge / Purmerend
invited competition, 2006
The bridge is part of a park zone along the girdle of Purmerend. The site of the bridge is an important turning point in this pedestrian promenade along the water. It also creates a secondary bicycle route between the station and the town centre. The characteristic meandering paths trough the public gardens and the sensual curves of the water edge are continued in the section and the plan of the bridge. The parking lot next to the historical cemetery is seen as an integral part of our assignment. Already in the first stage the parking lots are re-designed into a landscape element encircled by a path. In the second stage the parking lots can be replaced by a grass field.

Inspired by slender 19th century cast iron bridges we chose for a span by two steel crescent beams. This are beams that are both curved at the bottom and the top. Because the beam is part of the railing the deck can be extremely thin. The vertical railing is referring to the adjacent Postbrug.

The structure is made from steel. To reduce costs the railing is made out of standard housing railing products that are welded onto the steel structure. The deck is made of wood covered with a cast floor. The bridge can be lifted in order to maintain its foundations.

client: Gemeente Purmerend

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