De Vlinder / Cityhall Rotterdam
collaboration with Tom Bergevoet Architecture  /  competition 2002, 1st prijs
The characteristic shape is the result of the linkage of the underlying public buildings, such as the town hall, the police headquarters and the main post office by the service towers. The sprawled service towers function as the main entrance to the elevated ring and thus activate the public space underneath. The varying width of the building allows for a wide range of programs. The butterfly, the tower and the existing public buildings constitute a cluster, that operates as an organic entity. The existing streets are turned into public green courtyards, similar to the existing courtyard of the town hall, adding a green park like oasis to the busy city center. The elevated ring visually connects the underlying public buildings. Giving the super-block identity on the scale of the city and creating gates towards the inner courtyards.

client : Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Rotterdam

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