private house, Culemborg
execution start 2011
This private house in Culemborg is particularly designed to suit an elderly couple. The unique lifestyle of our clients is translated into a unique custom-made home, well fitting the life stage they are at.

For example, the wish of having their children and grandchildren visiting and staying over simultaneously has led to multifunctional spaces provided with built-in guest beds. Moreover, the fact they will be living most of the time by themselves resulted in an otherwise very open house with a large continuous space. The requirement to be able to make the house easily accessible when getting older has led to a split level layout, where all essential living functions are reachable within half a floor height from one another. The design also takes into account the possibility of placing a lift at a later stage.

On top of the half sunken basement is the heart of the house, the “living podium”, which offers views to the city and the garden. At the entrance level is a kitchen/dining area bordering the garden, and a study/bedroom on the street side.

This house integrates a row of 10 free plots, and stands out from the predominantly brick surroundings by its white and abstract materialization: a square, whitewashed, plastered facade protruding from the adjacent houses. Each interior space corresponds to a single, wide, floor-to-ceiling glazed opening, translated in the few yet expressive voids in the white envelope.

area : 168m2

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Rijswijkstraat 141A
1062 ES Amsterdam
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